Meet the Team


In December of 2013 a group of Bantam aged hockey players along with many of their family members will be traveling to Finland and Sweden to partake in some exhibition hockey games.  They will get to learn about these European countries by site seeing and billeting with some Swedish players their own age.  The group will also be there to cheer the Canadian World Junior team onto a Gold medal by attending the Bronze and Gold Medal games in Sweden.

This expedition takes place 20 years after the first and only group of Elmvale players undertook a similar tour.

Members of this tour team include Xander Baatje, Troy Bellisle, Noah Bouzis, Matthew Clarke, Phillip Eales, Jacob Fay, Charlie Flieger, Nevin, Owen and Tye King, Collin Kitching, Brock Kleingebbinck, Jake Lalonde, Howard Martin, Kaiden Maw, Jordan McGonnigal, Landon McGinnis, Derek O’Neill, Andrew Priest, Aiden Ritchie, Alex Sweeney and Jakeb Veenstra.

The 20 months leading up to the “Elmvale Coyote Bantam Euro Tourn2013” will see the players and parents undertake several fundraisers and community activities to try to raise enough money to cover the approximate $3500 cost for each player.

Thanks to everyone who supported our first fundraiser at the Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival.  Congratulations to Andrew Archer on winning the much sought after ‘Leafs’ jersey.  Our group of young men also volunteered to clean up the fairgrounds, community parking lot and arena entrance following the Maple Syrup Festival.

Elmvale Coyote Bantam European Tour 2013 - Team:

Here we will have a thumbnail image for each player and a small bio.